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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Air-cooled and highly collectible. The 1972 Porsche 911E.

Many consider the 1972 Porsche 911E one the best 911s ever. From powerful air-cooled engine to classic styling and responsive handling, it offers everything enthusiasts love about vintage 911s. It is also a favorite among collectors because only 1,985 were produced and an extremely rare oil filter flap graces the body below the right rear window. 

Released as part of the E-series produced from 1969 to 1973, the 1972 911E offers greater comfort and drivability than its tamer 911T (Touring) and sportier 911S (Super) siblings. All three were released when Porsche ruled the racetrack, making them extremely attractive to enthusiasts in Japan who maintain secondhand 911s with loving care.

The 911E’s air-cooled 2.4-liter engine (known as the 911/52) produces 167 horsepower, which nearly matches the 911S but at much lower revolutions (6200 rpm) for more practical everyday performance. Power comes on smoothly and effortlessly with the help of a 5-speed manual transmission featuring an H shift pattern in place of the previous dogleg. Performance figures include acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in about 7.5 seconds and a top speed of around 140 mph.

The mechanical fuel injection system (MFI) jointly developed by Bosch and Porsche helped meet strict new US emission standards while raising power and drivability by distributing fuel-air mixture more evenly to all six cylinders. It also explains the “E” in 911E, which stands for “Einspritzung” (injection in German).

Handling is simply excellent because Porsche increased suspension travel for better rough-road performance and shifted the center of weight forward to counter infamous snap oversteer tendencies. The shift was accomplished by lowering the weight of the rear-mounted engine — via magnesium engine block, magnesium transaxle, aluminum cylinder head and titanium connecting rods — and moving components forward, including the spare tire, batteries and fuel tank.

Porsche even mounted the engine oil tank in front of the rear wheel, providing access via filler flap (Oil Klapper) on the side of the body. This flap sets the 911E apart from every Porsche except the 911R and was discontinued because gas station attendants sometimes mistook it for the gas tank.

Handling was further improved by the use of Boge shock absorbers, front and rear ventilated brake discs with aluminum calipers, and optional anti-sway bars.

The ride is quite comfortable, without compromising handling precision, and the interior is luxurious with its velour carpeting, leather-wrapped steering wheel, wide front seats and excellent fit and finish. The roof varies depending on whether you choose the covered coupe, coupe with sunroof or semi-convertible Targa. 

When shopping for used 911s, you can almost always find better deals in Japan, where vehicles are more meticulously cared for and available in an incredible range of choices.

Through solid connections with specialist dealers, private sellers and used car auctions all over Japan, Japan Car Direct can find your dream 911 at an affordable price, arrange a trustworthy inspection and have it exported to your nearest port — anywhere in the world.

As our many satisfied secondhand 911 customers will assure you, importing directly from Japan makes more sense than paying for limited and expensive options at local dealers.

Whether you seek an air-cooled 911, high-performance JDM drift car, or German luxury car with left or right hand drive, Japan Car Direct can help you satisfy your dreams while making a solid investment.

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